This year’s brutal winter has had an impact on the City’s budget as well. The combination of extremely cold weather and a record setting 67 inches of snow have had the public works department putting in double the overtime to repair water breaks and clear our streets.

Here is the comparison of overtime from this year to last year:

  • December 2012           –           212 OT hours
  • January 2013               –           85 OT hours
  • February 203               –          335 OT hours
  •                                                 623 OT hours
  • December 2013           –           291 OT hours
  • January 2014               –           515 OT hours
  • February 2014             –           417 OT hours
  •                                                1,277 OT hours

Water breaks

Last December – February                              15

This year December – February 19                 30

Snow and salt events

Last year December – February                      8

This year December – February 19                 18

Salt Usage

Last year December-February                         700 tons

This year December – February 19                 1500 tons

As you can see from these figures, the winter this year is equivalent to 2 of last year’s winters.

Fortunately, due to the previous mild winter, the City had been able to stockpile salt, but finally exhausted the previous years accumulated salt in the first week of February of this year. As of February 19, the City has used 500 tons of salt from this season’s allotment in store.

When all costs are calculated, last year the City spent approximately $69,330 for the period of December through February. This year the City has spent approximately $143,850 through February 19.

More importantly however, is the physical toll on our public works crews as a result of the combination of water breaks and snow removal. We really owe them our gratitude and a big “thank you” for their hard work and dedication in keeping our City functioning during this trying winter season.

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