Many people ask this question when planning alterations to their home or surrounding property. There are several advantages to doing home improvement projects with a building permit.

You can be assured that when you apply for a permit, your construction drawings will be thoroughly reviewed and that each phase of the project will be inspected to ensure the work is completed in compliance with local building codes. Also, the plans examiner and building inspector can be a resource for technical guidance on your project.

Also, there are legal and financial liabilities that you may face when you don’t get a building permit.  Work without a permit is illegal and can post serious complications for you when you try to sell your home.

Plus, any insurance you have on your home may be invalid if you do work without a permit.  If there is a fire in your home, the insurance company can use the illegal work as an excuse not to pay your claim.

If you are planning to start a building project and you aren’t sure if a permit is required, contact the Building Department at City Hall, 708-343-8700, and we can answer any questions you may have.

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