You may have seen the union “rat” placed at City Hall over the past few months.  The rat has been sponsored by various unions over the course of the final build out of the old police station space at City Hall.

The basis for the union’s placing of the rat is the fact that the low bidder on this project is not unionized.  The City of Northlake has no control over whether or not a contractor is unionized or not.  The City must accept the lowest bid from a contractor who pledges to pay the prevailing wage, which is the case in the current situation.

For the record, the City of Northlake is not against construction unions or unions in general.  The $9 million dollar Police Station was built with union contractors and the millions of dollars spent on roadwork and water system improvements since 1997 were all done with union contractors.

The City provided incentives for the construction of two data centers which provided work for hundreds of union workers and was the first suburb to support the O’Hare modernization program which has also provided hundreds of union jobs.  The City is also supporting the construction of the western bypass around O’Hare Airport, which will also provide hundreds of union jobs.