Microsoft has announced that as of April of this year, it will no longer support or offer updates for security for its “Windows XP” program. Everyone will need to upgrade to a newer program. The cost of the new program is expensive enough, but the newer program can not be run on the older computer. As a result, the Police Department will need to purchase 27 new computers in order to accommodate the new operating system. We then have to hope that all records transfer over intact and with no glitches, which means we will need to hire IT consultants to work this out over the next several months. Once we get this all settled, it will just be a matter of time until Microsoft announces that the “new” operating program will be phased out and we will have to start all over again. It is not only the expense, but the waste in discarding computer equipment of which only a portion is recycled. It seems that we are fast becoming the slaves to technology rather than having technology work for us. It is odd that a rotary phone from 1940 will still work if plugged into a land line (which are an endangered species), 74 years later, while recent technology is obsolete and unusable after only 8 or 10 years.  Is this really progress?

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