Work is underway on improvements at Kahl Park on Palmer. As you recall from previous articles, the City and Veteran’s Park District jointly purchased a house sitting across from Kahl Park on McLean and Palmer. The house was demolished and the street vacated, resulting in the addition of approximately 17,000 square feet of land to the park.

Last month, the City’s Public Works Department salvaged a pavilion from the former Dominick’s distribution center which is scheduled for demolition and redevelopment. The pavilion was relocated to the new space at Kahl Park. Public works crews and  park district crews  worked together to set the pavilion at its new location, much like a barn raising of pioneer days. The area will be landscaped and finished by the park district.

The efforts of both the park district and the City benefitted our residents by repurposing this pavilion which would have otherwise ended up in the scrap yard. This recycling was good for the environment as well as saving taxpayers the cost of a new pavilion.

IMG_1522 Kahl Park 1 IMG_1538 Kahl Park 2 IMG_1540 Kahl Park 3 IMG_1543 Kahl Park 4 photo 1 (3) photo 3

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