Spring Tree Planting Completed

The 2019 spring tree planting was completed with the planting of 80 trees at various locations throughout the City.

Trees absorb storm water runoff, absorb various pollutants, produce oxygen and help reduce summer temperatures. Trees also improve property values as well, and studies have indicated that a block with mature trees also tends to slow down traffic. Trees also absorb and reduce urban noise – produced by airplanes, cars and other sources.

If you have space on your parkway and would like to have a tree planted, call the Public Works Department at 708-562-0940 to reserve your tree for the fall planting.

Please remember that trees in the City’s right of way belong to the City and cannot be cut unless permission is first obtained from the Public Works Department. The right of way is generally the area 20 feet behind the curb. If you have a question or concern about a tree in this area, please call the Public Works Department at 708-562-0940.




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