I am happy to announce that my office will be hosting a school supply drive from now until August 10th in preparation for the upcoming school year.

We will be collecting new school supplies during normal business hours at my offices located at 112 N. Wolf Road in Northlake.

The supplies will be distributed to local schools before the beginning of the new school year. Some of the materials that are requested for donations include #2 pencils, crayons, glue, scissors, two-pocket folders, erasers, washable markers, spiral notebooks, boxes of tissue paper (Kleenex), rulers, 3X5 index cards, and baby wipes.

These items may be dropped off at Rep. Willis’ constituent service office located at 112 N. Wolf Road in Northlake during normal business hours.

Many families in our communities are struggling to make ends meet, and the added cost of purchasing supplies for school can be very burdensome.

As a former school board member and a parent, I know the importance of ensuring that students have all the materials they need to begin their school year on the right foot.

I hope residents will join me in working to ensure that all of the students in our communities have what they need to learn and succeed this upcoming school year.

Residents with any questions regarding what may be donated or when items may be dropped off are urged to call 708-562-6970.


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