The cars for the 2016 raffle in Northlake are all Chevy Impalas. They can be seen outside City Hall and outside the 7-Eleven on North and Roy.
black carThe first is a 2007, black Chevy Impala with 140,166 miles. Fees for the car, which includes Illinois tax, Cook County Tax, title, plates and fees are $387.00.


white car The second is a 2009, white Chevy Impala with 98,432 miles. Total fees are $502.00.



Finally, there is a 2010 white, Impala with 99,233 miles. Fees are $512.00. All cars are offered without warranty. There will be only 400 raffle tickets at $10.00 a piece. Come to City Hall at 55 E. North Avenue to purchase tickets.



One stop light is being raffled off for res- idents. The stop light would make a good decoration in a boys room or a family room. There will be 100 tickets sold per light at

$5.00 each. You can buy a ticket at City Hall. The winning ticket will be picked on Mon- day, July 11, at 7:00 p.m. You do not need to be present to win.

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