Danny Syniar, otherwise known as Sargent, won the stop light this year. Sargent is a Viet Nam Veteran with the U.S. Army ICOR, American Division Combat Infantry. Danny said he won 3 purple hearts. He moved to Northlake in 1967 and has never left. The stop light, he says, will go into his “man cave.”






Adrian Vera (above) lives in Northlake and saw the cars while driving by to work.  Adrian won the 2009 gray Impala with 135,000 miles.  Adrian said he will use it for his daily driving.  Nancy Pauletto, City Clerk, gives Adrian the keys for his new car.





Robert Paul (below) said nothing could make him sad this day. He was extremely happy about winning the car. Robert won the 2013 white Impala with 87,000 miles. He is getting rid of his 2007 car. Robert works in the area and saw the car while driving in Northlake. He lives in Island Lake, Il. He said he bought 18 tickets in hopes of winning this car. Robert happily accepts the keys from City Clerk Nancy Pauletto.




John Matuszak, a Northlake resident, saw the car raffle while paying his water bill. John won the 2013 white Impala with 73,000 miles. He said he was looking for a newer car. This will replace his current daily driver.  Nancy Pauletto hands over the keys to John.




Nicolas Bibian, from Northlake, won the 2013 white Impala with 68,000 miles. He saw the cars outside City Hall and came into buy tickets. He plans to give the car to his wife to use daily. Nancy Pauletto, who is Northlake’s City Clerk, is handing him the keys.

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