Four of the residents at Concord Place, Sally Rogers, Jo Anne Leubke, Dorothy Kucera and Barb Porcellino, have been busy having “Quilting Bees” at Concord Place. The result is quite a few beautiful quilts, designed and created by the four women and then donated to veterans. The women purchase the material and hand make each of the quilts. The cost of each quilt is $60 to $70 dollars just in materials.  All fabrics are purchased new and designed specifically for each veteran.

The project has become so large, that the ladies need help with funding. They are requesting donations from residents to be able to continue to honor our service men for a job well done.

If you wish to make a donation, contact them at Concord Place Quilting Bees, 401 W. Lake St., Northlake, IL  60164, or send an email to

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