•  you or a family member are the victim(s) of a crime
  •  when you have a reason to believe that violence against person(s) or against oneself is imminent
  •  when you observe any person who seems to have no purpose wandering the neighborhood
  •  you observe a vehicle(s) moving slowly, without lights, with no apparent destination, or repeatedly driving through the area
  •  solicitors not displaying a city permit
  •  any unusual or suspicious noises, including breaking glass, screams or pounding
  •  any person appears suspiciously out of place, for instance a stranger at the back of your neighbor’s house or garage
  •  a stranger in a car beckoning a child
  •  a child resisting the advances of an adult

NOTE:  You are not asked if you are a United States Citizen or legal resident when reporting a crime to the police or are the victim of a crime.