1. Garbage and Recycling gets picked up every Friday.
    2. 96 Gallon Garbage Carts Recycling Carts are to be placed curbside after 5pm on Thursday.
    3. If there is a major holiday any day during the week (Monday-Friday) refuse, recycling and yard waste will be collected on Saturday.
    4. Large amounts of building materials such as wood, bricks/blocks, concrete, fencing, rocks, mud, clay, shingles and gutters will not be collected by the refuse hauler.
    5. Special arrangements for these items must be made by contacting Lakeshore Recycling Systems at 844-633-3577.
    6. Additional bins are available for $7.50 a month, for a minimum of 6 months.  Extra Garbage Cart Form

Solid Waste and Recycling Program Guide

This guide is designed to provide you with a quick and easy reference to the recycling and solid waste services available for City of Northlake residents. General information on household waste and yard waste service is found on the first foldout. The inside foldout contains a complete reference guide for recycling, explaining the different types of recyclable materials and how to prepare them for pickup.

Waste Sticker Vendors

          • City Hall, 55 E. North Avenue, Northlake
          • Jewel Osco, 10201 Grand Avenue, Franklin Park
          • Walgreens, 6 E. North Avenue, Northlake
          • Neighborhood Foods (Roy & Fullerton)
          • Public Works

For additional information on services available:

Lakeshore Recycling Systems –  844-633-3577

Lakeshore Recycling System

City of Northlake
55 E. North Ave.
Northlake, Illinois 60164
(708) 343-8700