Every business must provide a vehicle sticker for each vehicle registered to or housed at an address within the city limits of Northlake.  Vehicle stickers typically go on sale beginning in mid-May each year and must be displayed in the lower passenger side corner of the windshield no later than June 30th.  Vehicles that do not have a sticker displayed by June 30th are subject to citation.

A vehicle shall be considered to be used for commercial purposes if the vehicle is registered to a corporation or other business entity, or if the vehicle is housed in the City of Northlake displaying a business name or information on the vehicle.

Regardless of where the vehicle is garaged, stored or driven, if the vehicle has been registered to a City of Northlake address, a vehicle sticker must be purchased for that vehicle.

The address on the registration determines which community you must purchase a sticker for.  The address used for the registration of the car with the Secretary of State’s office is the one that determines which community’s ordinances must be followed.  If that registration address is in Northlake, a sticker must be purchased.

The license fees are to be paid every year to the City Clerk and shall be as follows:

Leased passenger vehicles                      $  25.00

B plate                                                         $  50.00

D plate                                                         $  80.00

F plate                                                         $100.00

All plates over F                                        $150.00

Per Northlake city code, the fee for stickers not purchased prior to August 15 shall be the cost of the license fee plus fifty percent (50%) of said license fee according to the plate type. (Section 6-1-5 of the Northlake City Code)

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