The talented Public Works Department made use of the base left from the cross which was moved from the former Lutheran Church on Wolf Road by placing the ground level sign on top of the base.  The base of the cross was approximately 15 feet high, but the blueprints for the building indicated it went into the ground at least 10 feet with a concrete foundation.  Removal would have been extremely difficult.  The ground level exterior sign was a perfect solution as to how to put the base to use, so the the Public Works Department was able to secure the sign by welding it to the top of the base.  The City saved money by utilizing these existing items in this manner thanks to the Public Works Department.

The building has been named “Northlake City Centre”.  The Veteran’s Park District will be operating a pre-school in one part of the facility, and the City is developing uses for the remainder of this latest asset to the City of Northlake.