The Public Works Department took delivery of a new sewer vactor in March. The new machine replaces the 1991 vactor which was purchased used from the Village of St. Charles in 2001.

The new vactor has many improvements over the old machine including increased capacity and digital technology. The vactor is not only used for clearing residential sewers, but also clearing sewer mains, man holes and hydro excavating. This is important when digging in areas where multiple utilities are located, especially fiber optic cables. Traditional digging methods would not be practical in these areas.

The new vactor costs $384,758. The City borrowed $344,758 on a short term loan which will be paid off in three years or less. The life span of the new vactor is estimated to be 25+ years, so this is a long term investment for the City. The cost of the machine spread over 25 years comes to approximately $15,400 per year. The vactor is used weekly, sometimes over several days, so the cost of renting a comparable piece of equipment would exceed the amortized cost of $15,400 per year.