On August 26 2014, Members of the Fraternal Order of Police Nagle Perri Memorial Lodge 18 which is made up of Police Officers from the Northlake Police Department conducted their 1st Back to School Backpack Drive.  Members of the lodge donated a portion of their paychecks and raised additional funds from businesses within the community to purchase school supplies from the local Walmart who is also a sponsor.  These backpacks filled with school supplies were distributed to all 7 local schools within the community to be given to children at the schools who may need them.  “Our goal is to strengthen our relationship within our community which we serve and protect.  Every child should start 1st day of school with all the school supplies needed so they can focus on being successful throughout the school year.  This is just one of the events which we are proud to conduct.  We hope and anticipate this event to be an annual event and grow bigger each year” said Lodge President Juan Duarte.


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