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Operation Round Up              by Mayor Jeffrey T. Sherwin

2020 has been an extremely trying year for everyone. As you know, the City has been applying a $25 credit on residential water bills for the duration of the Covid-19 situation. However, many residents are still struggling to pay their water bills.

Earlier this year, the City placed a new operating system for all financial, billing and other record keeping in service. This new system will allow water bills to be “rounded up” to the next dollar amount. For example, if a water bill is $59.23, the bill can be rounded up to an even $60.00 by adding .77cents.

We are starting a new program which we will call “Operation Roundup” which would be a voluntary program where you would participate, with the additional amount going into a special fund which would be available to assist residents who are having temporary difficulties in paying their water bill.

If you choose to participate in this program, the most you would contribute would be $5.94 per year (if all six of your water bills ended in .01). The lease you would contribute would be .06 cents (f all six of your water bills ended in .99 cents).

Enclosed with the current water bill is a postcard you can use indicating that you wish to participate in this program. I urge everyone who can to join in the program which will help our less fortunate residents.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and joyous holiday season.

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