O’Hare Airport is one of the major economic engines in the Chicago area, and in particular the area immediately surrounding the airport which includes the City of Northlake. The south suburbs realize the economic impact of a major airport and this is why they pushed so hard for a third airport in Peotone.

It is essential to our area that O’Hare keeps its spot as one of the world’s major airports. The City of Chicago’s $8.5 billion plan will increase terminal space by 62 percent and increase the number of gates from 185 to 220, capable of accommodating millions more passengers per year. This will insure that O’Hare will maintain and increase its domestic and more importantly, its international connections.

The new plans call for replacement of the 55-year-old Terminal 2 with a new terminal which will host both United and American Airlines along with their international carriers. This will make for a seamless operation as arriving international passengers will have a short walk to domestic connections, eliminating the long walk from Terminal 5 where international flights current arrive.

More gates will be available to other airlines besides United and American which could bring more competition and lower fares to some destinations.

This will be first major improvement to the terminals in 25 years and the biggest expansion in O’Hare’s 73-year history. If all goes according to plan, the improvements should be completed by 2026.

It is imperative that O’Hare maintains its status as a world class airport. This will attract more business to the area, which will provide employment opportunities not only in major corporations that locate here because of the airport, but also in all of the businesses that support the airport – hotels, restaurants, warehousing, fuel, mechanics, transportation, construction, maintenance and thousands of other jobs that are related to the airport.

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