In 1996, the Northlake Fire Protection District had a contest for the grade school children to name the new fire engine. A Whittier School student named Kati Kallas won the contest by naming the fire engine “Everready.” Kati said that “Everready” is always ready and dependable and will last forever.

Last month Kati came back to the fire station and said good bye to “Everyready.” Kati visited with the firefighters and took a final ride in “Everready.”

A few days after Kati visited, “Everready” was placed on a tractor trailer headed for the Aleknagik Fire Department in Alaska. Once, in Washington State, “Everready” will be placed on a ferry for a 6 week trip to its final destination. “Everready” was always ready and dependable for Northlake residents and now will continue to do the same for Alekagik’s 200 residents. The fire department in Alaska has not had a new fire truck since 1972.

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