Northlake Days Reorganized
The City of Northlake is facing a possible cut of over $600,000 in State funding as a result of actions by the Governor and the Legislature. As a result, many programs, including Northlake Days, have been trimmed.

Northlake Days will now be the Carnival, Friday through Sunday, June 26-28. The Fireworks will be Saturday evening, June 27, 9:30 p.m. Raindate, Sunday, June 28 and the Car Show, Sunday, June 28.
We are returning to a more basic format for the weekend. Everyone is invited to bring their own picnic dinner to enjoy before the fireworks on Saturday.
We are fortunate to have Octapharma and Champion Logistics step forward so that the most popular aspects of the weekend can continue.

City’s Fireworks Display Saved by Octapharma
Octapharma, located next to the Home Depot, has ridden to the rescue and saved the City’s annual fireworks display by agreeing to underwrite the $23,000 cost. The fireworks display will take place on Saturday, June 27, at Centerpoint Preserve, with Sunday, June 28th as the rain date.
Octapharma collects plasma, which is the liquid part of the blood which carries the white and red blood cells. Its mostly made of water and proteins. Due to the high protein content, plasma is used to make life saving medicines to treat patients who have experienced trauma, have bleeding disorders or have trouble fighting infections because of immune diseases. To learn more about Octapharma and plasma donation, go to

Car Show Saved by Champion Logistics

The Sunday morning car show which was part of Northlake Days will take place this year as a result of sponsorship by Champion Logistics. The car show will take place on Sunday morning, June 28 at Centerpoint Preserve.

Carnival to Continue
The carnival will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 26, 27 and 28 as usual. The City’s share of the revenue from the carnival will pay for the cost of police overtime and the porta potties.