Thanks to the Octapharma’s sponsorship of the fireworks display and the sponsorship of the car show by Champion Transportation, proceeds from the carnival and other donations received by the City, this year’s Northlake Days actually ended up $36,394 in the black.

The surplus will be used to fund Boofest, the annual Senior Citizen Dinner and Winterfest.

This year’s fireworks display was excellent, with the same amount being spent on it as in previous years.

Although Friday night was a washout for the carnival because of the rain, Saturday and Sunday were perfect days for the fireworks, car show and the carnival as well as the Little League and Soccer parade.

With the revised format for Northlake Days, we are able to provide not only that event, but Boofest, the Senior Dinner and Winterfest at no cost to Northlake taxpayers.

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