What Is The Northlake Cares Program?

The Northlake Cares program is a voluntary registry for vulnerable populations in our city. The program enables the Police Department as a partner, to obtain critical information which assists an officer in responding to calls for service involving an individual with Alzheimer’s disease, blindness, autism, Down’s syndrome, deafness, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other physical and developmental disabilities which may affect the way individuals interact and respond to law enforcement officers.

Benefits to the Northlake Cares program include providing peace of mind to caregivers, promoting officer safety and helping us to better interact with service calls involving individuals with medical and/or developmental disabilities.

How It Works

Northlake Cares is voluntary for those participating and all information is kept confidential. Information entered by residents into the Northlake Cares application is added to our current police records management system. Special situations remarks are also included, along with other information for the specific address provided by the resident. When our local communications center receives a call for service and the address is associated with an address previously registered in our Northlake Cares system, our local dispatchers will indicate this is Northlake Cares address to our responding officers and EMS.


Key to the success of the program are the strong partnerships formed with our police department, our special needs community and loved ones and referral agencies.

Residents/Caregivers of person that reside in Northlake interested in receiving more information for this program, can send an e-mail to policeinfo@northlakecity.com. Please include your name, address and current contact cell phone number.






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