The commissioning of runway 10 center/28 center at O’Hare Airport will not only create a safer environment around the airport, but will also mean a reduction in noise for Northlake.

The new runway is scheduled to be commissioned on October 17, 2013 which will result in O’Hare Airport operating in an east-west configuration nearly 100% of the time.  The new runway will mark the completion of the first phase of the airport modernization plan. This will reduce or eliminate the use of the existing crisscrossing runways which run diagonally across the airport.  This will automatically reduce air traffic over the City of Northlake.

After being subjected to airport noise for over 50 years, we are certainly looking forward to some relief after October 2013.

Please have a Healthy and Happy New Year!

To read more about the new runway configuration see O’HareMonitor_Spring13-1