Several years ago, the City of Northlake installed LED lighting on one block of Armitage Avenue as a test and demonstration project.

Last year, all of the City’s lighting systems in the parks and along Midland Trail were converted to LED lighting. The City’s experience, along with other municipalities’ experiences with LED street lighting has been extremely positive and the decision was made to expand the program to the rest of the street light systems operated by the City of Northlake.

Northlake has two street lighting systems – one is operated and maintained by ComEd. These lights are the ones on the wooden poles. The City owned and maintained lights are the ones on the metal poles.

New LED lights will be installed on Fullerton Avenue east of Wolf Road, the rest of Armitage Avenue and South Roy Avenue. The approximate cost for this work is $66,000. However, the City has obtained grant funding in the amount of $35,000 to defray the cost of the work. The balance of the funding will be made up to the City with reduced energy and maintenance costs going forward. LED bulbs are designed to operate for approximately 12 years and consume less energy than the sodium vapor bulbs they are replacing. The City’s goal is to convert all City owned street lighting to LED. ComEd has made no announcement as to whether they will be converting their lighting system to LED.

In any event, the City will be saving money on energy costs and maintenance going forward and less energy being consumed will benefit the environment and reliable, durable lighting will enhance public safety as well.