City Desk                by Mayor Jeffrey T. Sherwin

The City of Northlake will continue to invest in its future with infrastructure upgrades in 2018. On October 16th, the City Council approved the 2018 capital program which will include the following projects:

  1. Resurfacing of Wolf Road from North Avenue to Winters Drive;
  2. Installation of new water main on Wolf Road form Fullerton to Diversey Avenue;
  3. Resurfacing of Maplewood, Morse Drive (east of Roberta) and South Caryl and Marilyn Avenues;
  4. Replacement of the Prater and Roy Avenue Bridge decks;
  5. Resurfacing of Midland Trail from Wolf Road to Palmer Avenue;
  6. Replacement of water main on Lake Street from Lind Avenue to Railroad Avenue;
  7. Replacement of water main on Maplewood Avenue;
  8. Resurfacing of Sandra Avenue south of Grand Avenue to include water main replacement;
  9. Water valve replacement on streets that are being re-surfaced.

The City will be providing approximately $6,292,125.00 for these infrastructure improvements, with another $4,542,000 coming in from various federal/state grants for a total of $10,834,125 being invested in the future of our community.

The City of Northlake is very fortunate to be in a financial position to undertake this program without borrowing any funds. A strong community is one that is always pushing ahead, focusing on the future. We must always be in a position to accommodate redevelopment, whether it is resident, commercial or industrial in order to keep our community vibrant and relevant.

Plans for 2019 include upgrading the City’s main water pumping station, resurfacing Roy Avenue, Country Club Drive and Parkview and replacement of the remaining pocket of 4 inch water main and additional storm water management projects.