City Desk

By Mayor Jeffrey T. Sherwin

New Year Brings

A number of infrastructure improvements are on tap for 2016. New water mains are scheduled for the 300 block of LaPorte, Bernice Drive from LaPorte to Roberta, Belle Drive from Country Club to Roy and Diversey Avenue. In addition to the water main replacement which will upgrade the 70 year old 4 inch main to an 8 inch main, point repairs to the sanitary sewer will be made and the streets will be resurfaced when the underground work is completed.

In addition to the water main replacement, the following streets will be resurfaced: Hillside Avenue, Harvard Avenue, the 300 block of Victoria, Wagner Drive, Whitehall from Wolf to Roberta, Garnet Drive and North Avenue frontage road (north side) from Roberta, east to the City limit. The City will receive grant funding to cover 80% of the work on Whitehall. All of this work will take place in spring and early summer. The water main work will move the City closer to the goal of replacing the remaining 4 inch water mains with 8 inch water mains.

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