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Professional Experience:
BA in Education, BS in Business Administration, MBA in Human Resource Manager, PHR-Professional Human Resource Certification.

Personal Information:
I am single. My two nieces live with me – Angelina Rose Patti and Trisha Ann Patti. I have lived in Northlake since June 30, 1959.

Was there a moment when you realized you wanted to run for office?
I decided to run for alderman because I felt I could make a difference in the 4th Ward and in the City as a whole.

What are your reflections on your time in office?
While in office, much has been accomplished. I pushed for the Diversey Avenue re-grade which provided a safe route for children. The infrastructure at the King Arthur Complex is nearing completion. This project started in 1999 when the City took over the repairs and maintenance of the Lift Station and then expanded to the replacement of water mains and sewers. I voted for the allocation of grant money from the State to help fund the project. I also voted to replace some of the antiquated water mains in town. I voted for the replacement of some of our street lights with LED lights. I voted for the re-pavement of streets. I canvassed homeowners in unincorporated Leyden Township regarding annexation into the 4th Ward. As a result, twelve homes were annexed. Other improvements in the 4th Ward include the purchase of the old Rhodes Manor Apartment Complex. This area was blighted in the 4th Ward near Westdale School. The City hired a management firm that renovated all the apartments and cleaned up the area tremendously. As a result, all the apartments are rented and turning a profit for the construction of the new Police Station, Wolf Ridge Condos and the development along Northwest corridor of North Avenue.

What is your philosophy as an elected official?
My philosophy as an elected official is to continue to improve the City’s infrastructure, street lighting and promote new businesses in the City.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get involved in politics, or local government, etc.?
My advice to someone who wants to get involved in politics is to be committed to the job and to inform your constituents on the developments going on in the City.