The  Commissions and Boards are made up of residents of Northlake that assist the Mayor and City Council in making informed decisions. Some boards are advisory to the City Council and Mayor in certain areas while others have authority to render binding decisions.

If a vacancy occurs, city staff shall notify the news media, neighborhood associations, and people who have indicated an interest in applying. Applications for Board and Commission seats are accepted through the Mayor’s office and can be picked up at City Hall. A council committee consisting of three aldermen interviews each applicant. The committee then forwards its recommendation to the full City Council for confirmation. As needed, the City Council also seeks volunteers to evaluate and comment on special subject areas.

For more information on the Northlake Boards and Commissions, please contact the Mayor’s office at (708) 343-8700, or via email at

See Events for upcoming dates, times and locations.

Addison Creek River Conservancy District

Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month at City Hall, beginning at 6:30pm

Community Events and Affairs

The Community Events and Affairs Commission purpose and function is to recommend plans for wholesome and popular community events and affairs.

Meeting Times: The second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.
Meeting Location:
City Council Chambers, 55 E. North Avenue
Member Requirements:
Members must be residents of Northlake

Discrimination and Review Board

The duties of the Discrimination Review Board are to investigate any reports of discrimination or harassment in the workplace made by an employee of the City of Northlake. The Board consists of three members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council and shall be residents of the City of Northlake. Members of this Board serve staggered three year terms.

Meeting times and locations vary, as this Board meets when necessary.


The Board of Police Commissioners consists of three members appointed by the Mayor and City Council to serve staggered 3 year terms. Since the City of Northlake is served by two Fire Protection Districts, the Commission only concerns itself with the Police Department.

The duties of the Commission are to recruit and hire new Police Officers, the promotion of Officers to higher rank, and the hearing of disciplinary cases. This Commission shall have only those powers as are prescribed by 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes.

The Commission maintains eligibility lists for initial appointments and promotions. The Initial Eligibility list is valid for two years, the Promotional Eligibility list is valid for three years. When an opening exists in the Police Department, the next candidate on the Eligibility List will be contacted to fill that position. If the List has expired or has been exhausted, the Commission will accept applications to test for a new Eligibility List. Notices of Examinations will be posted in local newspapers, the local cable channel, City Hall, and various other locations, along with the requirements for application.

The Police Department currently is at full strength, with a Police Chief and 35 full-time officers. All full-time officers of the Police Department, with the exception of the Chief come under the jurisdiction of the Board of Police Commissioners. The Police Chief is appointed by the Mayor and City Council to serve at their pleasure. The Part-time Officers, Auxiliary Officers, and Code Enforcement Officers are also appointed by the Mayor and City Council, and are not under the jurisdiction of the Board of Police Commissioners.

Meeting Times: The 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m.; Special Meetings or Disciplinary Hearings are held when necessary, the dates and times will be posted in the lobby at City Hall.
Meeting Location: Northlake Police Department. The meetings are open to the public
Member Requirements: The current Commission Rules require an applicant to be a citizen of the United States, a resident of Illinois for one year, 21 years of age at the time of submission of application, and must be no more than 35 years of age at time of hire, have 60 hours of college credit from an accredited college or university with an equivalent grade point average of “C”. College requirement waived if applicant has completed two years as a full-time police officer with another department or has two years of full-time military service and an honorable discharge. Lateral entry program available to applicants who have completed three or more years of full-time employment with the same department.

Senior Citizens

The purposes and functions of the senior citizen commission shall be as follows:
A. To assess the current status of community programs and services offered to older residents and to initiate the development of expanded services; and

B. To coordinate the development of long range programs among agencies serving the aged; and

C. To develop budget needs based on total community service and seek appropriate federal funding to implement proposed programs and be responsible for the disbursement of such funds in accordance with the budget needs of those agencies offering service and programs; and

D. To advise the mayor and the city council as to the needs of expanded service with respect to the aged community; and

E. To disseminate information relative to services and programs to the citizens of the city


The purpose and function of the Youth Commission is to recommend plans for the improvement of opportunities for the wholesome development of youth in the City, propose necessary action for the protection of children from exposure to harmful influences and conditions, propose plans for development of services for the rehabilitation of children and recommend recreational needs of youth in the community.

Meeting Times: The second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
Meeting Location: Sandra Vasquez Community Center, 316 N. LaPorte
Member Requirements: Members must be residents of Northlake

Zoning, Planning and Economic Development

The purpose and powers of the Zoning, Planning and Economic Development Commissionshall be to make recommendations to the City Council regarding the development of business and commercial districts within the City and to study any and all other matters that are pertinent to the subject of economic development as may seen appropriate.  You may request a Zoning Public Hearing.

Zoning Map

Meeting Times: Held as necessary
Meeting Location:
Council Chambers, 55 E. North Ave.
Member Requirements: Members must be residents of Northlake