The City of Northlake form of government is Home Rule.  It is  run by a full-time mayor, who receives direction from an eight-person council. This system provides the citizens of Northlake a responsive, progressive government and a vision for our community.

City Ward Map


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Among its primary duties, the city council makes laws, sets policies, adopts budgets and oversees a wide-ranging agenda for the community. The mayor heads up the administrative branch of the city government and directs all city operations, projects and programs.

The Northlake city government is responsible for the city’s vital infrastructure and urban services, such as the building and repairing of roads, maintenance water and sewer service, providing police protection and the administration of land use policy. The city also takes a proactive role in the commercial and industrial development within Northlake’s borders.

Northlake is also actively involved in noise mitigation programs for the O’Hare International Airport. For more information on airport noise programs, please go to