The Christmas season is fast approaching.  This brings up something that is near and dear to my heart.  We need to keep “Christ” in Christmas.

As the years have gone by, Christmas, has become more commercial rather than spiritual.  It seems that “happy holidays” is quickly becoming the greeting of choice.

Christmas carols have disappeared from stores, Christmas cards are slowly disappearing.  When was the last time you saw Nativity (crib) scenes in front of homes or businesses.

I’m sure you have noticed these things, just as we have.  Have you wondered, “What can be done”?

“Merry Christmas” has turned into “happy holidays”.

We know the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

  The Knights of Columbus are trying to fight this trend.

We are asking ALL good Christians to help us.  Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Greet those with a hearty “Merry Christmas”, not happy holidays. Be proud of your beliefs.
  2. If you send Christmas cards, send the re!ligious ones.
  3. To help getting into the spirit, play Christmas music; not the novelty holiday music.
  4. Most importantly…Display a Nativity (crib) scene in front of your residence.

 The Knights of Columbus will cover all streets in Northlake and Leyden Township; starting

December 10th.  To see the crib scenes on display.  Each home having such a display will receive a certificate of appreciation from Knights of Columbus, Cardinal Cody 8070.

 Doing any of these suggestions will help combat the “happy holiday” trend.

Let’s all get behind the Knights of Columbus and KEEP CHRST IN CHRISTMAS!

 Thank you! Merry Christmas!

Cardinal Cody 8070.

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