The Department of Animal & Rabies Control will be offering a rebate of for spay/neuter costs in the month of February.

The Cook County Department of Animal & Rabies Control are doing their part to help solve our country’s pet overpopulation problem.  Cook County residents can have their dogs, cats, or ferrets spayed/neutered during the month of February and save $40 through their veterinarian.

How the rebate program works:

1. Call your veterinarian to ask if she/he is participating in the Cook County spay/neuter rebate program.

2. Schedule an appointment in February with a participating veterinarian.

3. Bring your cat, dog or ferret in for spay/neuter surgery. Limit is two pets per household.

4. Pay your veterinarian for the surgery, minus the $40 rebate

5. Veterinarians receive a $40 rebate for each spay/neuter performed during the month of February.

6. All pets must either receive a rabies vaccination and tag the day of surgery or have a current rabies vaccination and tag to qualify for the program.

Contact your local veterinarian for more information.


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