Fall 2019 Tree Planting Completed

The City recently completed planting of 75 trees in various locations throughout town. Since 1997, over 3000 trees have been planted by the City. Parkway trees provide a variety of benefits: storm water absorption,  converting carbon dioxide (green house gas) to oxygen; cooling the urban “heat island” effect (caused by warm paved surfaces) by providing shade; increasing property values. Studies have also indicated that for some reason, crime is lower in areas with mature trees and traffic also slows down.

So if you are concerned about global warming, climate change, the environment, crime, property values, storm water control or speeding traffic, now is the time to step up and do something. If you have an empty parkway that could provide a home for a tree, contact Public Works at  708/562-0940 to reserve your tree for the Spring, 2020 planting. There are a variety of trees to choose from. The trees are planted at no cost to you.

On another subject, we just went through changing the clocks again. I know this is a minor annoyance for a lot of us, so why not just move the clocks ahead just by 30 minutes this spring, splitting the difference and leaving them that way permanently? Maybe that’s too simple for our lawmakers in Washington to handle.

I would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy Holiday Season.

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