Dollars and Sense by Fred J. Paul

Going to a Shopping Center is Better for the Environment than On Line Shopping

A recent study reveals that going to a shopping center is far healthier for the environment than ordering on line. The study was conducted by the firm of Deloitte and Simon. Factors considered were the amount of packing material needed for shipping such as cardboard, plastic and Styrofoam used in e-commerce which are not needed when shopping at a store, all of which have a greater impact on the planet than the use of shopping bags. Much of the foam material which is derived from chemicals and petroleum is difficult to recycle and as a result ends up in the nation’s landfills where it can take centuries to breakdown.

Other factors considered were the amount of fuel needed to send goods from the retailers distribution center to a sorting facility, the amount of energy consumed by data and call centers, phones and similar devices, the fuel consumed in the last mile produce delivery of the goods and the amount of energy and fuel consumed for the return of those goods according to the report. Internet shopping turns out to be less efficient largely because on average internet shoppers return 33 percent of on line purchases as opposed to a 7 percent return rate for items purchased at malls.

So do your part for the environment and your community by shopping locally.

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