Water is billed every two months on the first of the month.

Bills for water are due 20 days from the date in which the bill is stamped. In the event that charges for water service are not paid within 30 days, a lien may be placed and/or water service may be shut off. Residents who have had their water service shut-off due to non-payment will be required to pay a fee to reinstate the service.

The City of Northlake now accepts online payment for water bills via our online bill payment service. You can also pay your water bill via phone toll free at 1-855-943-2370.

For questions regarding the water department, contact Luz Letamendi at 708-343-8700

Sprinkling restrictions are in place May 15 through September 15. Persons with property with an odd-numbered street address, may sprinkle on odd-numbered calendar dates. Persons with property having an even numbered street address, may sprinkle on even numbered calendar dates. No sprinkling between the hours of 12:00 noon and 6:00 p.m.

The City of Northlake recommends that residents do what they can to ensure that they are not experiencing any water leaks that can lead to costly water bills. Water is not cheap or limitless – use this natural resource wisely!

To ensure that your water bill stays reasonable, the City recommends that homeowners take the following steps:

Check your meter reading. – Meter reading errors can and do occur. Double check the reading yourself. The reading you take should be higher than the reading listed on your bill. If this is not the case, call us. We can then send you a corrected bill.

If your bill is extremely low, you should also be concerned since it could indicate an error which will eventually be caught and result in high make-up bills later. In this case, contact us to arrange for an appointment to make necessary repairs. Perform a leak test. – Take a meter reading (using the inside meter, probably found in your basement) at night before you go to bed, after everyone has used all necessary water. Then read the meter again in the morning, before anyone has used water. If everything is fine, the two numbers should match. If they do not, and the second number is higher, there is a leak somewhere. If this test reveals a leak, contact the City water department to arrange for an appointment. While we are unable to make repairs, in most cases we are able to help you identify the source of the leak. Remember… if your high water bill is due to a leak in your house, it is not the fault or responsibility of the City. You are responsible for all water used in your household.

Remember that even a small toilet leak or drip in the basement faucet can use up to 1,000 gallons of water a day. This translates into as much as $9.10 per day. Multiply that by 60 days, and you’ve now added $546.00 to your regular water bill. Larger leaks, such as a toilet that runs constantly or an outside hose left running, can yield enormous increases. (As much as 650 gallons of water can flow through a 5/8″ garden hose in just one hour!) Most problems can be fixed with an inexpensive part from the hardware store.

If you do need to schedule a service appointment, call City Hall at (708) 343-8700.

For more information, you may view our City Ordinance online.



The City of Northlake has been providing clean water to our community since 1949, helping to keep you and your family healthy. We take this mission very seriously. As shown in the following annual reports,  the water we delivered surpassed the strict regulations of the State of Illinois and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of drinking water to our customers in the most reliable and professional manner. Our goal is to achieve complete consumer confidence in our drinking water supply by maintaining a premier water system and open communication with our customers. This report complies with a new federal law that requires all municipalities to provide water quality information on health issues and regulations for drinking water. For more information about your drinking water and for opportunities to get involve, please contact Anthony Faciano by calling (708) 562-0940 or by writing to this address: 55 E. North Ave., Northlake, IL 60164. Also, you are welcome and encouraged to attend public meetings on the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. Our web site is www.northlakecity.com

2020 CCR Report