What is Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create the safest possible atmosphere for our citizens, promote and foster a positive police-citizen partnership with the community while enhancing the quality of life for all City residents, and to treat all individuals with dignity and respect.  The Police Department operates under the authority of the State of Illinois, City of Northlake Ordinances, Rules and Regulations as established by the City Council, and General Orders issued by the Chief of Police.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of police service to our community by providing fair and impartial treatment to people regardless of race, ethnic background, religious beliefs or economic status.  We attempt to do this within community policing and community service as our foundation to help develop a lasting trust between the police and our citizens.

The Northlake Police Department’s formal mission statement is the foundation on which all operational decisions and organizational directives are based.  It puts into words the commitment of the Police Department to enhance quality service from our officers.  The department motto is “Committed to Excellence”.  All employees are expected to work consistently toward that goal in the performance of their daily duties and responsibilities.

What We Believe

The City of Northlake is an ethnically diverse city with a variety of cultural values, lifestyles, customs and problems.  The Northlake Police Department is committed to objective and impartial law enforcement.  It is recognized that all persons have a right to dignified treatment.

  • Values
    We, as members of the Northlake Police Department, are committed to these values:  Integrity, Pride and Quality of Service.  Through these values we will maintain positive relationships with all members of our organization and the community we serve.
  • Integrity
    We, as an organization, believe that integrity is the foundation of community trust.  To accomplish this, we will be honest, consistent and ethical as we interact with each other and the people we serve, developing a partnership within the community that maintains that trust.  We will investigate all complaints against any employee in an open and impartial manner.  We will be role models for the community.
  • Pride
    We, as an organization, believe we must project a positive professional image of ourselves and the community we serve.  We will accomplish this through teamwork, commitment, accountability and mutual cooperation.
  • Quality of Service
    We, as an organization, believe in community wellness through the delivery of quality service.  We will respect and protect the rights of people.  We will treat all people fairly, impartially and with concern and compassion, to reduce crime and the fear of crime within the community.In all contact with the public, members of the Northlake Police Department must earn respect for themselves as individuals, as well as being representatives of the Police Department, by respecting the human rights of all members of the community.

Organizational Structure

The City of Northlake Mayor is the highest law enforcement officer in the City.  The Mayor appoints the Chief of Police with the approval of the City Council.

The Chief of Police is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Police Department.  The Chief of Police provides direction and guidance to Department personnel, while creating vision for today and the future.  The Chief also promotes positive and negative discipline within the organization, interacts with outside law enforcement and private agencies to complement daily operations, as well as prepares budgets for the expenditure of all City funding for the Department.

The Chief of Police is directly assisted by the Deputy Chief of Police who is responsible for providing all members of the community timely emergency and non-emergency services and effectively directs and administers other command and supervisory members of the Department.  The Deputy Chief is assisted by three Commanders and seven Sergeants. Department.

The Police Department is divided in the following areas:


Responsible for establishment of policy, setting of standards, management of fiscal matters, Department budget, and the day-to-day operations of the Department.


The Patrol Division is the foundation of the Police Department.  It is responsible for being proactive in the prevention/suppression of crime in the community and responding to all calls for service.  Patrol Officers are responsible for traffic enforcement, accident investigation, follow up of reported incidents, maintaining positive public relations, in addition to those assignments given during their tour of duty.


The investigative Division is responsible for the follow up of major crimes and criminal case reports. Additionally, this division is responsible for all juvenile related matters and incidents.

Support Services

This division is comprised of Records, Clerical, Telecommunications and Community Service. Records and Clerical is responsible for the handling, maintenance and audit of Department documents, reports and records. Telecommunications is responsible for the dispatching of Police Department personnel to all emergency and non-emergency calls for assistance from citizens. The Community Service Officer is responsible for handling all animal (domestic and wild) incidents, enforcement of parking regulations, and all City code violations.