The Northlake Police Department offers the following Crime Prevention Programs available to Northlake residents and businesses.


  • Crime Prevention Notices

Police and Code Enforcement personnel have been trained to make observations of conditions that may lead to theft or other criminal activities such as valuable property left in plan view in vehicles, garage doors left open overnight and other conditions warranting notice to the property owner. These notices are only to alert citizens to the conditions and normally do not require follow up.

  • Graffiti Removal Program

Please call the police department to report any local graffiti. The police department actively addresses graffiti by documenting and photographing for investigative purposes as well as coordinating the removal. Once documented the police department will make arrangements with our Public Works Department to address the removal in a timely manner. The Northlake Public Works will determine the most appropriate, least invasive method of cleaning, without damaging the surface of homes or businesses. This service is normally cost-free unless an arrangement has been mutually agreed upon between the city and the involved party.

  • Citizens Police Academy

This 8-week program offers Northlake residents who are 18 years of age or older a chance to learn more about the Northlake Police Department and its procedures. Information is also provided to educate citizens on necessary concepts of protecting themselves and their property. Members of the police department who have expertise in the subject matter.

  • School Walk and Talk Program

A school based crime prevention program of informal friendly visits by uniformed police officers in our high school, middle and grade schools. The department provides weekly visits under this program during the school year. The program utilizes officers who are already working shifts as goodwill ambassadors. The lines of communications between school staff, students and police officers have benefited greatly under this initiative.

  • Programs and Presentations

The Northlake Police Department offers a variety of educational presentations. Presentations are available by appointment and can be scheduled for groups of residents including businesses, community groups or other Northlake organizations. The following are some of the presentations available:

  • Identity Theft– discussion includes how criminals obtain and use personal information, examples of scams used to obtain personal data, and how to protect you from being a victim.
  • Abduction Awareness – program designed to help educate parents and children on keeping children safe in and away from home.
  • Burglary Prevention – includes information on how to heighten home security and reduce the chance of the home being targeted for burglary.
  • Internet / Cyber Safety – this program teaches parents and children the dangers of internet usage and how to “surf” safely.
  • Robbery Prevention – program is intended for businesses desiring education on preventing robberies and how to respond in the event of a robbery.

       Additional Programs Offered

  • Child Fingerprinting
  • Child Passenger Safety
  • Senior Citizen Safety
  • Security Surveys
  • Senior Citizens Police Academy

This 3-week program is available to citizens who are 65 years of age or older. The goal of the program is to offer continuous education for senior citizens. The seniors learn to recognize factors that may lead to a crime being committed against senior citizens. Classes are taught by members of the police department who have expertise in cons, scams, fraud, drug and gang awareness, and personal safety.

  • Tips to Decrease Burglary to Motor Vehicles

Please click here to view Tips to Decrease Burglary to Motor Vehicles.

  • Special Events

Please click here to view special events.