As a Nationally Accredited police organization, the Northlake Police Department maintains a formal and transparent process in which a citizen may make a complaint against police personnel. Each complaint must contain an allegation that a member of the Police Department violated Department or City policy procedure, rules, regulations, or the law. The complaint may be filed with the Police Department or through the Office of the Mayor of the City of Northlake. Complaints against police employees are normally investigated by a Northlake Police Department internal affairs officer. Complaints can also be made to the Office of the Mayor or for some offenses to the Cook County State’s Attorney.


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DateCitizen Complaint Reports
December 31, 2020
Annual Citizen Complaints Report
November 1, 2020November Citizen Complaints Report
October 1, 2020 October Citizen Complaints Report
September 1, 2020September Citizen Complaints Report
August 1, 2020August Citizen Complaints Report
July 1, 2020July Citizen Complaints Report
June 1, 2020June Citizen Complaints Report