It is the policy of the Northlake Police Department to investigate all complaints of alleged employee misconduct and to equitably determine the validity of those allegations in a timely and consistent manner. This policy ensures that your rights as a citizen are not abused and that the integrity of the Department is not questioned or compromised.

A citizen complaint and its subsequent investigation, causes the police to examine the service that we provide to our community and to make necessary improvements in the way we provide those services.

All investigations are given a high priority. However, because of many factors, the investigation may take several weeks or longer. You will be provided an update on a regular basis until the complaint is resolved. You must understand that employees are afforded rights under State Statutes and Collective Bargaining Agreements that cannot be violated.


Many times, when a citizen receives service from a police department employee which they feel was above and beyond expectations, they are unsure of how they can convey their feelings to the department.  Therefore, we have provided an easy means of conveying your satisfaction regarding the service you have received.

If you have a complaint or would like to compliment an employee, below you will find two forms which are also available in Spanish. One of the forms is used to file a Citizen Complaint against an employee for misconduct and the other is used to file a Citizen Compliment to recognize an employee who performed their duties in an exemplary manner.  Please click on the appropriate form to open it in a PDF format (Click here to download Adobe Reader if needed).  Once the form is open, print it and fill it out completely. Please return the completed form to the Chief of Police at the Northlake Police Department.

Please click on the appropriate form:

Citizen Complaint Form             –Citizen Complaint Form (Spanish Version)

Citizen Compliment Form          –Citizen Compliment Form (Spanish Version)