The Northlake Police Department is committed by policy to provide all qualified personnel with educational and professional training. Our Police Department training goals are:

  1. To provide job-related training for all Department members, both sworn and civilian.
  1. To provide personnel with basic, specialized or advanced training, as required by law and/or the Department.
  1. To provide employees with training that will enhance productivity and effectiveness through increased job knowledge.
  1. To foster unity of purpose and cooperation among various employees of the Department through common training.
  1. To make employees aware of the needs of the community that they serve and to improve and enhance the image of the Department.
  1. To make employees aware of Department needs and to provide the training necessary to meet the Department mission.
  1. To minimize civil and criminal liability through training in proper procedures.

In 2016, employees were able to attend over 2,458 hours of training, or an approximate average of 51 hours of training per full-time employee. Employees also received many hours of department managed in-service and roll-call training and instruction. The following matrix is a summation of the training provided to department members in 2016.

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