Brody Roybal, Along With Team USA, Take the Gold

On Saturday, he won a gold medal in Sled Hockey at the Paralympics. On Sunday, he was part of the closing ceremonies at the Sochi Olympics. On Monday, he flew home from Russia and returned to an overjoyed crowd and on Tuesday, he went back to his high school classes.

Brody Roybal, a team member on the Sled Hockey Team in the Paralympics returned home Monday to about 200 people waiting outside his Northlake home to welcome and celebrate with him for a job well done. Brody said he was a little overwhelmed by the crowd. “I didn’t imagine there would be that many people just for me.”

During the course of the Olympics, Brody scored 2 goals against Italy. They ultimately won that game. The final game against Russia was won by one goal. The final score: 1 – 0. When he realized they had won, he thought it was pretty awesome.

Brody said they were aware of what was happening in the Ukraine during their time there, but they weren’t worrying about it. They were there to play hockey. They never had a chance to meet Vladimir Putin, but they saw him watching the games.

When asked if he would like to return to the Olympics in four years, he said he hopes to return for 5 more Olympics. The oldest player on his team was 35 and so he hopes to meet that goal.