Northlake Parks



A list of parks maintained by the City of Northlake is contained below, with the amenities that are found at each of the facilities.

Northlake Park Amenities
Baseball/Softball Fields Football Field Gazebo Picnic Facilities Tot Lot Splash Fountain Bike Path & Walking Path Volleyball Court Field House Baseball/Softball Fields

Ful-Roy Park

(corner of Roy & Fullerton)

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Nagle-Perri Park

(corner of Parkview & Roy)

x x x

Jerome Park

(corner of Jerome & Fullerton)

x x

Millenium Park

(Corner of Bernice and LaPorte)

x x x x

Kahl Park

(255 Palmer Ave.)

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Hansen Park

(Lemoyne & Morse)

x x x x

Centerpoint Preserve

(Wolf Road & Whitehall)

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Dog Park (in Centerpoint)

(Wolf Road & Whitehall)


Millennium Park


Millennium Park is a facility located near the intersection of LaPorte and Bernice.  It is the site of the former Baptist Church building which was rehabbed and is now called the Sandy Vasquez Community Center.  The Center is available for rental for occasions such as Birthday parties, Baptisms, Graduations, etc.  Contact Northlake City Hall at (708) 343-8700 for availability and rental fees.   There is no alcohol permitted.  The park includes playground equipment, a volleyball court, a splash fountain, and a beginners skate park.

Centerpoint Preserve & Recreational Facility


Thirty two acres of open land space, known as Centerpoint Preserve now belongs to the City of Northlake.

The open land was donated to the City by CenterPoint Properties. A Bicycle path, walking/jogging path and a picnic pavilion with running water are available for the enjoyment of all Northlake Residents. You may reserve Centerpoint Preserve for picnics by obtaining a Picnic Permit from Northlake City Hall.  There is no alcohol permitted.

Dog Park

Dog Park

The Northlake Dog Park is located in Centerpoint Preserve.

So what exactly is a dog park? According to the definition of the City’s Ordinance O-09-2006, ” a dog park means an enclosed area were dogs are permitted to be off a leash.” But a dog park is much more than that.

“A walk around the neighborhood demonstrates many Northlake residents are dog owners. A dog park is a wonderful addition to our community. The park provides a place for owners and their dogs to socialize, exercise and practice good citizenship. Well-socialized dogs are less likely to be aggressive towards strangers. Socialization is very important to maintain harmony, not only amongst our canine friends, but also amongst members of our community. A friendly and safe gathering place opens the doors to new friendships. Northlake offers wonderful parks, trails and sidewalks for residents to exercise. Our four-legged friends are also feeling the bulge in their waistlines. Although many places offer dogs to be on a leash, a park dedicated to their needs would allow dogs to play and explore without getting their leashes tangled around lamp posts, trees and other obtrusive objects. Many people practice good citizenship, but do their pets? Dogs need constant training and practice to remember their manners. A dog park provides the perfect place for this practice and owners can even benefit by learning from each other.” Joslyn Osten, 4th Ward Resident.

The dog park is set up according to the Cook County Animal Control Ordinance that went into effect June 1, 2005. The city is required to issue permits, verifying that every dog that enters the park is free of communicable diseases. Anyone entering the park with a dog that does not have a permit will be subject to a fine of no less than $50, but no more than $1,000. Rules have been established and are posted at the park (See below).

If you are interested in obtaining a Dog Park Permit, print out the Dog Park Permit Application and have it filled out and signed by your veterinarian. If you take your dog for it’s annual rabies vaccine, then your dog is also receiving the other vaccinations for Distemper, Hepatitis, Para-influenza and Parvovirus. If you kennel your dog then he/she also gets the Kennel Cough vaccine. Make sure you also bring in a stool sample for your veterinarian to test for internal parasites. Then, bring the completed application to City Hall.

You will then be issued your City of Northlake Dog Park Permit, which is $10 for the first dog and $5 for each dog up to three total for Northlake residents.  For non-residents, the first dog is $50 and $10 for each additional dog up to a total of three.  You must wear this permit while at the Dog Park and your dog must be wearing their Rabies tag and City of Northlake Pet License. The City of Northlake Police Department and Leyden Animal Control will patrol the area and enforce the rules. The park is also under video surveillance.

The City of Northlake is very excited to be making this opportunity available to its residents and visitors as well. We hope you enjoy the Dog Park and would like any feedback you feel would be helpful to make it a success at

Dog Park Rules

  • CLEAN UP after your dog(s)! Dispose of waste in cans provided.
  • Dogs must be wearing a current rabies tag.  Owner must be wearing their Dog Park Permit. Permit applications available at City Hall.
  • Dog owners not complying with rules will be subject to fines of up to $1,000. Periodic monitoring and video surveillance will be conducted by the City of Northlake Police and Leyden Animal Control.
  • NO DOGS KNOWN TO BE AGGRESSIVE toward people or other dogs (or exhibiting any threatening behavior) may enter the park. Leash your dog immediately if aggressive behavior is observed at which time your dog may need to be removed from the park.
  • Handlers can be held CRIMINALLY LIABLE for any injury inflicted by their dog(s), to humans or other dogs!
    Under “The Ryan Armstrong Law” Public Act 093-0548 (Illinois State law)
  • Homeowners/Renter’s insurance strongly recommended!
  • Dogs must be under VOICE CONTROL at all times!
  • CLOSELY SUPERVISE your dog(s) and be within view. Do not leave your dog(s) unattended.
  • Leash your dog(s) while entering/exiting the park.
  • Handlers must have LEASH IN HAND when their dog is off leash.
  • No Children under the age of 11 years of age. Children 11-17 must be accompanied by an ADULT.
  • Maximum 3 dogs per handler.
  • NO CHOKE/PINCH COLLARS allowed in the park.
  • No ELECTRONIC training devices are allowed.
  • Female dogs in HEAT are not allowed.
  • NO UN-NEUTERED MALE dogs over 1 year old.
  • NO FOOD, Rawhides, or Pig ears allowed as dog fights may result.
  • DO NOT allow dogs to DIG.

Remember, these rules are for you and your dog’s safety! Anyone not obeying these rules may be asked to LEAVE THE PARK by anyone!

In case of emergency, call 911.

Visit the Veterans Park Distric website for information on local Dog Obedience Classes.

Park Districts

Veterans Park District

Grant Park building

Most of the City of Northlake falls within the boundaries of Veterans Park District which covers Melrose Park, unincorporated Leyden Township, areas of Franklin Park and some areas of River Grove as well as the area north of North Avenue in Northlake. Grant Park and Kahl Park in Northlake are operated by Veterans Park District. Residents residing within the Veterans Park District boundaries may use any of the Veterans Park District Facilities for the residential rates. Northlake residents residing on the south side of North Avenue must pay out of district fees to use Veterans Park Facilities.

For more information regarding park district facilities and events call (708) 343-5270 or visit their website at

Administrative Offices
44 W. Golfview Drive
Northlake, IL  60164
Phone: (708) 343-5270

Bataan Park
1220 N. 9th Ave
Melrose Park, IL
Phone: (708) 681-6363

Bulger Park Community Center/Preschool
1601 Hirsch Street
Melrose Park, IL
Phone: (708) 538-0101

Broadway Park
2009 Broadway
Melrose Park, IL

Gouin Park Pool, Water Slide and Park
2400 Scott Street
Franklin Park, IL
Phone: (847) 451-9396

Grant Park Recreation Center
44 W. Golfview
Northlake, IL
Phone: (708) 343-5270

Kahl Park
255 Palmer
Northlake, IL

George A. Leoni Complex
800 N. 17th Ave
Melrose Park, IL

Multi-Sports Complex
1203 N. 24th Ave.
Melrose Park, IL
Phone: (708) 343-5151

Trumbull Park
2311 N. Leyden
River Grove, IL
Phone: (708) 453-9860

18th Avenue Park
135 N. 18th Ave
Melrose Park, IL

Memorial Park District

Residents on the south side of North Avenue and east of Wolf Road in Northlake are within the boundaries of Memorial Park District which covers areas of Bellwood, Berkeley, Hillside, Melrose Park, Stone Park as well as Northlake. A soccer field/park is in Northlake through an intergovernmental agreement with Memorial Park District, the City of Northlake and School District 87. The soccer field/park is located near Riley Elementary Schoolon Wolf Rd.

For more information regarding park district facilities and events call (708) 547-3900.

Eisenhower Park Community Center and Administrative Offices
700 Speechley Blvd
Hillside, IL
Phone: (708) 547-3900

Sharp Park Community Center
1609 N. 36th Ave.
Melrose Park, IL
Phone: (708) 647-3936

Stevenson Park and Police Dept.
3105 Washington Blvd.
Bellwood, IL
Phone: (708) 547-3905

Kennedy Park
23rd & Washington Blvd.
Bellwood, IL
Phone: (708) 547-3933