The health care premium for the City of Northlake increased by 4.43%, or $51,984.31 for the coming year. The current coverage is under an existing plan that was “grandfathered” in until 2016, when a new plan meeting the requirements of the “Affordable Health Care Act” will need to be implemented. In addition to the 4.43% increase, an additional 3.25% ($39,847.66) federal tax, under the Affordable Health Care Act will also be imposed.

Had the City abandoned the current plan and adopted a plan complying with the requirement of the Affordable Health Care Act, the increase would have been $4.99% or $58,596.19, plus the 3.25% federal tax. The plan mandated by the new law would also decrease coverage as the network of health care providers would be smaller.

In any event, the current health care plan will need to be abandoned in 2016 when the City will be mandated to adopt a plan which will be in compliance with the new Federal health care law. This is all somewhat confusing to say the least, but the bottom line is that a portion of the increase in costs to the City, and ultimately the taxpayers, is due to the mandates imposed by the “Affordable Health Care Act.”

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