Microsoft has awarded the City of Northlake an environmental grant in the amount of $65,000 for the construction of a bioswale to catch and filter the runoff from the large parking lot at Centerpoint. A bioswale is a depressed area with native plantings which is designed to collect water runoff from paved areas which contain road salt, oil and other pollutants. The plants ace as a filter to clean the water as it is absorbed into the ground.  The bioswale also helps to reduce flooding by containing storm water run off rather than allowing it to run off in an uncontrolled manner.  Work will begin on this project next year.

As you may recall, the City received a $352,580 grant this year from the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) to construct a permeable paver parking lot at the Northlake city Centre. This lot is designed to contain runoff from the paved area which would otherwise contribute to flooding. This work is to be completed this year.

Other grants secured by the City are:

  • $352,000 for improvements to the intersection at Railroad Avenue and North Avenue in 2022;
  • $681,000 for resurfacing of Fullerton Avenue from Wolf Rod to Geneva Avenue in 2023;
  • $880,000 for reconstruction of Railroad Avenue in 2024;
  • $481,000 for modernization of traffic signals on Wolf Road in 2025;
  • $37,00 for design study of flooding from FEMA
  • $510,000 for the reconstruction of the Roy Avenue Bridge over Addison Creek which is slated for next year;
  • $300,000 for the reconstruction of the King Arthur Bridge over Addison Creek also slated for next year.
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