Dollars & Sense                                                 by Fred J. Paul

City Programs to Assist Homeowners

The City of Northlake currently has several programs to assist homeowners. The first program is the grant program for installation of a check valve, overhead sewer or other system to prevent sewer backups in basements. The City will pay 50% up to 2,000 toward the cost of installation of these systems. This is a grant program which will not need to be paid back by the homeowner.

The second program is financial assistance to homeowners who have dead/dying ash or other large trees in their yards. Under this program, the City will pay 50% of the cost up to $2,000 per tree for their removal. Under this program, the City is advancing the money with no interest charge, until such time as the homeowner sells their home and the City is paid back from the sale proceeds. NOTE: Since 2013, the City has removed 186 dead/dying ash trees from parkways and other public property. So far we have been able to manage this problem within current budgetary constraints.

The third program is to assist homeowners with the cost of replacement of lead water service lines. The City will advance the amount of $1,000 toward this cost, which, similar to the tree removal program, would be paid back at the time the homeowner sells the property with no interest charged.

If you are interested in any of these programs, call City hall at 708-343-8700 and complete an application which must be approved before any work starts.


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