On January 12th, the Northlake City Council, voted unanimously to appoint long time Northlake Police Deputy Chief Norm Nissen, Jr. to the position of Chief of Police.

Chief Nissen has been a member of the police department since 1982 starting as police auxiliary. Actually seeing the name Nissen at the police department has been a constant, going back to 1959, when Norm’s late father started serving, just 10 years after Northlake’s 1949 incorporation.

Norm has served 3 mayors and 8 chiefs, during 6 of which he was second in command. Having served as a detective, evidence technician, field training officer, juvenile officer, range officer patrol and detective sergeant, Chief Nissen has plenty of experience. Nissen was also the first accreditation manager for Northlake, earning its first national police accreditation.

Truly committed locally, Norm has spent his adult life serving the citizens of Northlake. Often cities will search as we did in the past for outside candidates to lead a police department. When I was elected mayor, it was the right time to hire an outside chief considering the changes we wanted implemented. Chief Nissen has been an outstanding Deputy Chief under Chief Koletsos and is recognized professionally throughout law enforcement. The City Council and I are in complete agreement when it comes to our city and its police department. Now is the right time to look within.

Chief Nissen wasted no time in appointing his Deputy Chief, Jay Militello, who is another well respected veteran of the department with 26 years’ experience.

The development and experiences of our police executive staff, as well as the men and woman of the police department, have many challenges in front of them. We have put two qualified and competent individuals, who have committed themselves to the citizens of Northlake, in the position to best serve our local citizens.



Photo submitted by Detective Daniel Romanski