“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”  Franklin D. Roosevelt

This quote comes from a speech President Roosevelt was working on the day before he died. He never delivered the speech, but that quote has significant meaning for me. We can not let current circumstances prevent us from planning for and providing a brighter future for coming generations. The American people have faced serious challenges before. We have always prevailed and come out better.

The current generation has a contract with both past generations and also with future generations. Our commitment must be to preserve what is good from the past and use it as a foundation to build for the future.

I am a lifelong resident of Northlake, and I can relate how Northlake has persevered and built for the future. As a child, I can remember the arguments against construction of sanitary sewers and bringing in Lake Michigan water. The opponents thought the cost was too much and wanted to remain on wells and septic systems. There were those who wanted to keep gravel streets and drainage ditches, fought against paved streets, storm sewers and sidewalks, opposed creation of the library, modern schools, retail and industrial development. Even the effort to incorporate as a City did not come without a fight.

Every Mayor who has held office in Northlake has advanced the cause for Northlake and has moved the town forward, providing a strong foundation for future generations to build upon. I stand with the past Mayors on the side of progress. Thankfully the supporters of progress prevailed.

If the naysayers of the past had prevailed, the City of Northlake would not exist, and our community would be a collection of homes with gravel streets served by well water and septic systems with our prime commercial and industrial areas stripped away and annexed by neighboring towns. Thankfully, those naysayers have not been successful during the history of Northlake. Ongoing investment in infrastructure, institutions and amenities is crucial for the future of our community.

Please take note of Franklin Roosevelt’s optimistic view of the future. We must continue to plan and build for the future, and provide a strong foundation for those who come after us to build upon.


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