2021 will see many improvements in the City of Northlake.

Water mains will be replaced on 44th and 46th Avenues and those streets will be resurfaced after the work is done. The portion of 44th between Hirsch and Division will be a joint effort between Northlake and Stone Park as the street is shared by both communities. Stone Park will take the lead on this portion of the
project and Northlake will reimburse them for our share.
Fullerton Avenue will be resurfaced from Wolf Road to Geneva Avenue. This was last done in 1998, so 23 years was a good return on the investment.
On Roberta Avenue, the lining of the 12 inch water main from Palmer to Belle Drive will be completed, and the street will be resurfaced when this process is completed. The lining process will make the 70 year old main as good as new. The 1,000,000 gallon reservoir at the Public Works facility will also be rehabbed
and repainted.
Other streets to be resurfaced will be Prater Avenue from Victoria to Niemeyer and Niemeyer Court, as well as Wiltse Drive. The sanitary sewers on these streets will be lined as well. When the lining process is completed, the sanitary sewer will be as good as a brand new sewer main.
Three bridges will be replaced this year: Lemoyne, Roy and King Arthur. The Roy and Lemoyne bridges date from the mid-1960’s.
Parts of the Midland Trail which were not replaced during the Addison Creek Wetland Restoration Project will be resurfaced this year. Microsoft has given the City a grant to construct what is called a bio-swale, which is a small retention area with native plantings designed to catch runoff from paved areas and filter out pollutants and control storm runoff. This bio swale will be built on the east side of the Centerpoint parking lot.
The City and the Veteran’s Park District are teaming up on 2 projects – one is the new splash pad at Grant Park and the other is the expansion of Kahl Park on Palmer which was made possible with the purchase of additional property to the west and vacating part of McLean Avenue. This added more than a half-acre to Kahl Park which will allow the existing baseball field to be moved further west creating more room for future playground improvements.
The last item will be improved lighting for pedestrians on the west side of Wolf Road in front of the cemetery. This is part of the continuing plan implemented over the past several years for additional lighting around schools, parks, churches and other areas where there is pedestrian activity.
We are committed to making continued investments in our community.

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