LED Street Lighting Completed

The conversion of the remainder of the City owned street lighting to LED lighting was completed in January. Lights were changed on North Roberta, North Roy and North Wolf Road with the assistance of a $35,434.00 grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO), which offset the $41,918.66 cost of the material for a final cost of $6,484.66. The new lighting uses significantly less energy, which will save money and also requires less maintenance as the projected life of the LED bulbs is in excess of 10 years, which will further reduce costs.   Conversion of interior lighting to LED in the City’s various buildings is also underway and should be completed soon.

Sanitary Sewer Upgrade in Nick of Time

   In one of my previous articles, I wrote about the sanitary sewer lining project for the sewer which runs under the Union Pacific Railroad. This sewer serves the industrial corridor along the toll way and is over 25 feet deep at the point where it runs under the multiplex tracks of the Union Pacific. The sewer lining involves placing a collapsible fiber glass type liner in the sewer and then inflating it with hot water. The liner hardens and adheres to the old sewer and has the effect of installing a new sewer without excavation. A collapsed sewer line 25 feet under the active tracks of the railroad would have been an extremely expensive repair.

In preparation for the work, the existing line was cleaned and televised and it was discovered that pieces of the clay tile were missing and that earth was exposed in some locations which could lead to a collapse at any time. The decision was made to proceed with the lining process which was successfully completed averting a major disaster of a sewer collapse at this difficult location.

Pump at Storm Water Reservoir Replaced

   One of the main pumps at the Railroad Avenue storm water reservoir was replaced in January. The original pump was installed in the 1980’s when the reservoir was built. The new pump was ordered in August and was finally delivered in January when it was installed. The cost of the new pump was $32,742.00.

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