City Bus Program to End –

Alternative Programs Will Offer Better Services

As you may be aware, the City of Northlake has been operating a “Dial a Ride” bus service for well over 20 years. While the program has been successful, ridership has been steadily declining over the years. All City programs need to be evaluated and adjusted on a regular basis and the City’s bus program is no exception. Since the vehicles have reached the end of their service life, it was a good opportunity to examine this program.

The Pace Dial a Ride Program serving Leyden Township (the area of Northlake north of North Avenue) provides a larger service area than the Northlake bus covered. Service is provided anywhere within Leyden Township, as well as Harlem-Irving Shopping Center, Loyola Hospital, Hines Hospital, the dialysis center in Norridge and Westlake Hospital. For more information, please view the link:  pace

Proviso Township also offers transportation to a larger area than did the Northlake bus. Please view the following link for more information.

In addition to these services, Leyden Township also offers a discounted taxi program for seniors and handicapped individuals. We are working with Leyden Township to make this program available to all of Northlake through an intergovernmental agreement.  Please view the following links for more information.

Subsidized Taxi Program Information

Cab List and Numbers for Participants for New Program Year

Cab Program Application

In view of these alternative transportation programs available to Northlake residents, it is financially prudent to use city resources in other areas rather than providing duplicate services. The City bus program will end on December 31, 2013. The City will be saving the cost of fuel, replacement vehicles and the salary of the bus driver (who will be transferred to Public Works to fill a vacancy). This amounts to over $100,000 per year in savings.

In addition, the increased participation from Northlake residents will strengthen the other transportation programs as well.



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