Dollars and Sense

By Fred J. Paul

City Abolishes Pet Licenses

In an effort to streamline local government, on February 9, 2015, the City Council voted to abolish pet licenses. The 13 residents who obtained dog licenses for 2015 will receive a refund of their $2.00 fee. No cat licenses have been issued for 2015.

While the pet license served as a means of identification, the best form of identification is a microchip inserted in your pet. This system has enabled thousands of lost pets to be returned to their owner.

The City has taken similar steps to streamline operations by issuing permanent vehicle stickers, classifying non-commercial pick-up trucks as cars for purposes of the vehicle sticker and also issuing permanent motorcycle tags. The vehicle stickers remain at no charge to residents.

It is still recommended, and is required by Cook County ordinance to have an annual rabies shot for your dog or cat. Please also consider micro chipping your pet as a means of identification.

 A Word about Little League

I was a coach for many years in Northlake Baseball when my kids were young. The most distressing thing about the recent developments with the Jackie Robinson Championship story is that not one of the coaches has come forward before the media or before the team members and their families to apologize and take responsibility for breaking the rules which cost them the championship. Instead, they hide behind the kids and use them as a shield or prop to try to justify their actions. It certainly was not the kids fault for the forfeit of the championship. They are guided by adults.

It would have been nice if these adults set a good example by stepping forward and admitting their mistakes and apologize to the team members rather than using them as a vehicle to justify their actions.

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